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Working at KAEFER


KAEFER believes that a well trained workforce is the future of our company and we recognize the importance of our employee's contributions, and want to contribute to each individual's success.  We offer our people tangible ongoing support to help achieve work and life goals.  Investing in our people is important to us.

Our Key Advantages

  • True team spirit
  • Outstanding safety culture
  • Training & development opportunities
  • Diverse duties and projects
  • Meaningful work 
  • Strong focus on innovation & LEAN management
  • Trust is the foundation of our business

In Safe Hands

At KAEFER, we look out for the health and safety of one another. The health and safety of all our employees is our utmost priority and our safety culture is deeply anchored in our daily work. It is our aim to make KAEFER a global leader in health, safety, and environmental projection, with a target of zero incidents. 

Workshop Employees Teamwork
Hard Helmet
Office Employees Teamwork

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe KAEFER is a great place to work for everyone; where employees feels safe, supported, included, inspired, and respected. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and believe that the diversity of our workforce helps us achieve better results, remain innovative, and successfully navigate & problem solve through constant changes. 

We believe in cooperation, teamwork, and trust; all of which contribute to a constructive work environment. All forms of discrimination including harassment and intimidation, are not tolerated at KAEFER.